02 March 2004 | Report

Quality Assurance: A Reference System for Indicators and Evaluation Procedures

François Tavenas

In October 2002, ELU (the Latin European Universities Group), an organisation made up of rectors and staff of Swiss, Italian, Portuguese, francophone-Belgian and French rectors’ conferences, decided to embark on a collective study about the evaluation of university systems. Based on a comparative study of nation-wide practices, an extensive system of indicators which offer a better understanding and mastering of the reality of European universities was compiled by professor François Tavenas, Rector Emeritus of the Université Laval in Quebec, and Rector of the Université de Luxembourg.

Published with the support of the European University Association (EUA), in which ELU is a working group, this report provides a comparative analysis of various uses of performance indicators as well as a typology and application tool for this group of indicators that is available to institutional leaders.

Both well-documented and rich in content, this study offers a definitive contribution to the European need to make national higher education teaching and research more efficient, relevant, attractive and dynamic. It also brings out the richness of “European university models”, therefore encouraging exchanges across different cultures.

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