01 September 2015 | Report

ESG Part 1: Are Universities Ready?

Anna Gover, Tia Loukkola and Andrée Sursock

In 2012-2014, EUA was part of the stakeholder group that revised the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). This work resulted in the current ESG, which were adopted by the ministers in charge of higher education in May 2015.

The paper is largely based on the data gathered for EUA’s Trends 2015 study.4 In addition it draws on some other reports prepared in advance of the ministerial conference in Yerevan, Armenia, in May 2015. When appropriate, earlier studies, in particular EUA’s Examining Quality Culture (EQC) survey, are referenced to provide a longitudinal perspective on the developments that have taken place in recent years. The methodologies and information sources of these studies vary: when this variation limits the analysis, it is identified. Key features of the reports most commonly referenced in this paper are summarised on the next page. 

While this paper provides a hurried reader with a concise overview of the status of internal QA in Europe, the list of references may be of interest to those wishing to delve deeper into some of the themes raised.

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