11 March 2005 | Report

Developing an Internal Quality Culture in European Universities

Report on the Quality Culture Project, 2002-2003

The EUA Quality Culture Project, funded by the Socrates Programme, was conceived to enable participating institutions to discuss how to introduce and embed a quality culture in their institutions and develop action plans in specific thematic areas. 

Participants included fi fty institutions from twenty-nine countries: of the fifty institutions, seven were technical universities, three came from the extra-university sector, and forty could be classified as “classical” universities.

The aims of the Quality Culture Project were to:

■ Increase awareness for the need to develop an internal quality culture in institutions, and promote the introduction of internal quality management to improve quality levels;
■ Ensure the wide dissemination of existing best practices in the fi eld;
■ Help institutions approach external procedures of quality assurance constructively;
■ Contribute to the Bologna process by strengthening the attractiveness of European higher education.

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