22 November 2012 | EQAF Paper

Institutional integration of quality assurance and enhancement in an Irish university context

Sarah Ingle


The main aim of this paper is to provide examples of how quality assurance and enhancement activities have provided a clear means of integrating QA into an Irish third level institution, Dublin City University (DCU). The background to quality assurance at a national level in Ireland is first outlined to set the context. This is followed by an examination of the development of a quality assurance and enhancement system at DCU, including an outline of the internal quality review process.

A number of innovative quality initiatives which have been introduced in DCU over the last two years are then outlined, and the benefits that these have provided to the University are discussed. The details of these initiatives may be interesting for those working in Quality Offices internationally, as well as other academics and Heads of Departments in higher education institutions.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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