08 May 2014 | EQAF Paper

Working Together to take Quality Forward

A selection of papers from the 8th European Quality Assurance Forum

Foreword and Acknowledgements by Norma Ryan

Analysing the implementation of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance at institutional level: Outcomes of the IBAR project by Don F. Westerheijden and Jan Kohoutek


A collaboration between AEQES and CTI for the joint evaluation and accreditation of civil engineering programmes by Teresa Sanchez Chaparro, Bernard Remaud, Caty Duykaerts and Marie Malmedy 

Students as external evaluators in peer-review based EQA: Five years of student participation in the Institutional Evaluation Programme by Thérèse Zhang

Meaning, motivation and learning: Factors for educational quality at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology by Eli Fyhn Ullern

Dealing with engagement issues – an examination of professionals’ opinions on stakeholder involvement in quality assurance by Oliver Vettori and Tia Loukkola

Engagement, empowerment, ownership – How to nurture the quality culture in higher education by Anca Greere and Catherine Riley

The potential impact of the internal service units on the quality culture in a higher education institution, and how to make optimal use of it by Dries Froyen, Luk Indesteege, Stefan Oeyen and Reinoud Vandervelden

Conceptualising student engagement: A co-creation perspective by Tina Harrison


This selection of papers was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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