23 March 2011 | EQAF Paper

Building Bridges: Making Sense of Quality Assurance in European, National and Institutional Contexts

A Selection of Papers from the 5th European Quality Assurance Forum

Foreword and Acknowledgements by Fiona Crozier

EQAF – a report from a continuing journey into quality  by EQAF 2010 Steering Committee


I. European quality assurance framework transformed to national quality assurance systems

One fleet, many ships, same destination? by Peter Williams
Fifteen Years of Quality Assurance in Europe: Lessons learnt by Andrée Sursock
2005-2010: 5 years of student participation in Quality Assurance in Spain by Francesc Marc Esteve Mon, Fernando Miguel Galán Palomares and María Cristina Pastor Valcárcel
New Paradigm for Quality Assurance by Jon Haakstad

II. Institutional reality in developing quality cultures

Quality culture in higher education: from theory to practice by Dries Berings, Zjef Beerten, Veerle Hulpiau and Piet Verhesschen
No short cuts in Quality Assurance – Theses from a sense-making perspective by Oliver Vettori and Manfred Lueger
Can we make the bureaucracy of monitoring the quality of a university’s learning and teaching more acceptable? by Kath Hodgson
Partners or Counterparts? Student Involvement in Management and Quality Assurance at Lund University by Christian Stråhlman


This selection of papers was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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