05 February 2007 | EQAF Paper

Embedding Quality Culture In Higher Education

A Selection of Papers from the 1st European Forum for Quality Assurance

Foreword and Acknowledgements by Henrik Toft Jensen 

1. Introduction to the Forum by Klaus Dieter Wolff

2. Setting the Stage

Higher education and quality assessment - The many rationales for quality by Alberto Amaral
Quality assurance and the Bologna and Lisbon objectives by Eric Froment
What is quality? by Jethro Newton

3. Quality Culture – Institutional Cases

Dealing with ambivalences – Strategic options for nurturing a quality culture in teaching and learning by Oliver Vettori, Manfred Lueger and Monika Knassmüller
Steering by engagement – Towards an integrated planning and evaluation framework in higher education institutes by Deirdre Lillis
Instruments for raising quality culture in a network of universities by Karin Fischer-Bluhm
Promotion of quality culture in international cooperation with special focus on joint programmes by Axel Hunger and Ina Skalbergs

4. Student Involvement in Quality Processes

Student involvement in university life and quality processes – Results of thematic audit on student involvement in university governance and decision-making by Andy Gibbs and Christina Ashton
Student participation in QA: strengths and challenges by Sanja Brus, Janja Komljenovič, Daithí Mac Síthigh, Geert Noope and Colin Tück

5. Impact of Quality Processes

Impact of quality processes by Bjørn Stensaker
The impact of quality culture on quality of teaching – a case of business higher education in Poland by Anetta Kowalkiewicz
Embedding graduate survey indicators into internal quality assurance systems – What can institutions learn from graduate surveys? by Anna Prades and Sebastián Rodríguez

6. The Articulation of Internal and External Quality Processes

Practice and effects of self-evaluation in the institutional evaluation processes of
CNÉ – A study based on 17 evaluation reports of higher education institutions of Ile-de-France by Fabrice Hénard

7. Conclusions by Lee Harvey

8. References

9. Papers presented at the 1st EFQA at the TU MÜNCHEN


This selection of papers was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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