22 November 2012 | EQAF Paper

Quality reviews in service and support units: value added?

Hester Geyser, Dragana Weistra, Ina Pretorius


The purpose of this paper is to report on a qualitative investigation to identify and explore:

- the value added by quality reviews in service and support units in the UJ;
- improvements to the review process to enhance the value added, and
- differences in the role players’ experiences.

 Five service and support units were included in the research project and three key role players from each unit were interviewed. The responses on the value added were categorised and then organised into two sections, namely value added to:

- the functioning of the unit, i.e. understanding the bigger picture, identifying gaps for improvement and collaboration with other units;
- the staff in the unit, i.e. teambuilding, the identification of strengths, the feeling of pride and an increase in quality awareness.

Improvements to increase the value were identified as generic across the units, i.e. evidence management, workload and self-evaluation report writing, but also unit-specific responses.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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