22 November 2012 | EQAF Paper

Quality assurance and the learning journey: the value of monitoring progress for the student experience

Kit Leighton-Kelly


This paper argues that the aims of UK quality assurance (QA) within institutions should be concerned not only with the requirements to provide a profile of programmes, institutions and their accomplishment, but also to support individual student development. The UK QA model provides wide ranging information which is of great importance in a competitive market. However, whilst current systems provide detail of course content, structure, teaching and assessment, they also have valuable potential for the analysis of individual student achievement.

The question is can we develop the QA system to enable us (a) to monitor individual student progress and development over time; and (b) to develop feedback mechanisms that can help students to identify areas where improvement of learning and study skills are necessary? Ideally we should develop systems to assess and enhance individual student performance and its variation during the learning journey.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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