Diversity & Inclusion

Our societies are changing. In Europe, increased migration has contributed to more cultural diversity – and more awareness on the topic. Social diversity and inequality are hotly debated in the wake of the financial crisis and they are closely related to globalisation and a rapidly-changing labour markets. Moreover, the last decade has seen an increase in awareness and recognition of sexual and gender diversity.

In this context, inclusiveness has become a strategic question for a number of universities, impacting learning and teaching, research and institutional cultures. Many have taken action to find new ways to enable people from traditionally less-represented backgrounds to find their place in higher education.

EUA is working to ensure that universities across Europe have a platform to share their approaches and strategies. The Association facilitates an ongoing European-wide discussion on the topic, fostering peer-learning activities and supporting members in understanding how diversity, equity and inclusiveness can be embedded into higher education, research and university management.

EUA also uses its findings in relevant policy debates, for instance in the Bologna Process or its activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Association also focuses on this topic through the “Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe” (inHERE) project and the “Refugees Welcome Map”. EUA is also active in monitoring gender equality, especially in university leadership. These topics are also present in the Association’s work in promoting universities and values.


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    Socially responsible university for inclusive societies in the era of migration UNI(di)VERSITY builds upon the results of the inHERE project focused on supporting EU HEIs’...
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    Initiative to Support, Promote and Integrate Researchers at Risk in Europe InSPIREurope is a Europe-wide initiative to support researchers who are at risk due to...

    Strategies towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Universities The INVITED project aims to support universities in developing and strategies towards equity,...
  • TandEM

    Towards Empowered Migrant Youth in Southern Europe The TandEM project (Towards Empowered Migrant Youth in Southern Europe), led by the International...
  • inHERE

    Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe Throughout Europe, higher education institutions are supporting refugees, as showcased by EUA’s...
  • Refugees Welcome Map

    An inventory of higher education supporting refugees.

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