Sustainable Development Goals

EUA is dedicated to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the Association sees as a holistic framework for engaging with the grand challenges of society.

Universities contribute to the goals through research and education in a wide array of disciplines that can potentially contribute to a better future. In a complex and developed context like Europe, it is essential that the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals rests on knowledge, new research, innovation and citizens who are empowered by critical thinking. The Sustainable Development Goals clearly need strong societal actors, like universities, working together to ensure their success.

EUA recognises the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals in its Strategic Plan. The Association actively promotes the Sustainable Development Goals in its work with its members as well as in its advocacy activities.


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    Universities without walls – A vision for 2030

    This seminal document is the result of extensive consultations and deliberations with EUA members and partners over a six-month period in 2020. It sets out a vision of resilient and effective universities, serving Europe’s societies towards a better future.

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    Europe’s Universities Shaping the Future

    EUA Strategic Plan

    The need for strong universities has never been greater in addressing societal challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, resource scarcity, ageing populations, migration and managing artificial intelligence are among the many examples of areas where universities have a major impact.

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