EU survey towards a manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers

20 October 2022

The European Commission has launched a new survey in view of the co-creation of a “Manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers”.

The survey is also in line with the ambition under the European Strategy for Universities to strengthen women and girl’s participation in STEM studies and careers (action 4.2). The European Commission is counting on the opinions and involvement of various STEM-oriented education, research and innovation actors for the content of this Manifesto.

The STEAM approach refers to the inclusion of arts, social sciences and the humanities in STEM education or careers, as a transdisciplinary, inclusive, future-oriented approach to learning. It develops transversal competences, creativity and innovation that may make STEM studies and careers more attractive for women.

Higher education organisations are invited to take this survey by the closing date on 18 November 2022. Your input will take around 10 minutes. If your organisation is interested in staying involved with the co-creation of the manifesto, please contact

More information can be found here.

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