Eurograduate Pilot Survey report

07 July 2020

The European Commission has published the first report of the Eurograduate Pilot Survey, with insights on graduates’ education, skills, careers, mobility, and social outcomes, comparing eight pilot countries. EUA is member of the Eurograduate advisory board.

The Eurograduate survey is a one-off pilot project following up with recent graduates in eight European countries. It aims to lay the ground for a sustainable European-wide graduate survey.

The initiative maps the impact of European graduate’s experiences on their lives as professionals and as students. It aims at finding out how happy the graduates are with their studies, how they sustained themselves, whether they travelled abroad and what they did after graduation.

The findings will be used to compare different higher education systems in Europe and identify ways in which they can become better at preparing young people for the world of work and their role in society.

Thematically linked, the European Commission’s Graduate Tracking Expert group has recently published a report on the state of graduate tracking policies and practices in the EU Member States and European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

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