• The new university Open Access checklist

    25 Oct 2021 Report Open Science

    This checklist is a guide for universities that wish to further develop their Open Access activities. In recent years, the scholarly publishing system has become much more complex and dynamic. The Open Access landscape has also changed dramatically. Universities, researchers, research funders and national consortia have all taken important steps in the transition towards Open Access, but the reality is still that full Open Access is far from being a ubiquitous reality.

  • Universities have much to say and deliver in the policy areas set forth in NextGenerationEU. They have a role to play in facilitating the green and digital transitions, in contributing towards smart and inclusive growth, and they are leading actors in educating, upskilling and reskilling populations.

  • Pathways to the future

    22 Sep 2021 Report Universities & Values, Universities of the future

    This publication focuses on geopolitical changes, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, as well as the course of democracy, and how they may impact Europe’s universities. It outlines possible scenarios for future developments, as well as pathways for universities to pursue common goals.

  • Greening in European higher education institutions

    16 Sep 2021 Report Green transition, Universities & Values, Covid-19 & universities, Universities of the future

    Higher education institutions are key actors in the transition towards carbon neutrality and sustainable societies, as well as in reaching the objectives of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and the European Union’s Green Deal. They address environmental sustainability in their research and education missions and are actively involved in a broad range of forward-thinking activities.

  • The European Commission plans to explore individual learning accounts as a tool to support up- and reskilling of working age adults. This EUA policy input features the Association’s response to a dedicated consultation. It welcomes the initiative and underlines the interest of the higher education sector in individual learning accounts and, broadly, in a more comprehensive European agenda for lifelong learning.

  • Micro-credentials supporting flexible higher education and lifelong learning

    09 Jul 2021 Policy input Learning & Teaching, Employability & qualifications, European Education Area

    The present policy input comprises EUA’s key messages for the European Commission’s public consultation on micro-credentials in the summer of 2021. The results of the consultation will feed into the Commission’s proposal for a Council Recommendation on micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability.

  • This report presents the findings of the 2020-2021 EUA Open Science Survey and provides evidence-based recommendations for institutions, researchers, research funders and policy makers on the transition towards Open Science.

  • Towards an EU strategy in support of universities

    30 Jun 2021 Policy input Universities of the future

    This EUA policy input aims to inform the development of the European Commission’s upcoming “European Strategy for Universities”.

  • Recognition of professional qualifications

    16 Jun 2021 Briefing Employability & qualifications, Covid-19 & universities

    EU policy makers are facing increased urgency to integrate and energise the professional labour market, especially in the context of the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic, the push towards the green and digital transitions and the defence of the Single Market following Brexit.

  • Research and innovation as drivers of open international cooperation

    15 Jun 2021 Policy input EU Research & Innovation Programmes

    In this EUA response to the European Commission Communication on a Global Approach to Research and Innovation, the Association welcomes the goal to promote global research and innovation cooperation built on rules-based structures and common values.

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