• This report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the current state of research assessment at European universities, and shows why and how institutions are reviewing their evaluation practices. Based on the results of the 2019 EUA Open Science and Open Access Survey on Research Assessment, it aims to inform and strengthen the discussion by gathering and sharing information about current and future university approaches to research assessment.

  • Student-centred learning: approaches to quality assurance

    03 Sep 2019 Report Learning & Teaching, Quality Assurance

    Ample evidence suggests that even though student-centred learning is a topic of great interest and benefit to universities across Europe and beyond, there are widespread difficulties in addressing the concept in practice, mostly due to its broad scope.

  • Achieving high-quality audit in European research

    29 Aug 2019 Policy input EU Research & Innovation Programmes, Funding

    This briefing outlines EUA’s proposals to national and EU funders on how to make the EU reporting and control environment more efficient and effective. This is a matter of strategic importance to improve the added value of European investment in education, research and innovation. 

  • EUA is the largest and most extensive association of universities in Europe. Discover its work and the various membership opportunities in this brochure.  

  • The authors of “Plan S” have published revised implementation guidelines. The initiative aims to boost Open Access in scholarly publishing by 2021. EUA welcomes the guidelines, in particular the additional principle on addressing the way research is assessed.

  • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money at Universities

    18 Jun 2019 Report Autonomy & Governance

    Over the last decade, policy makers and universities in Europe have been paying greater attention to efficiency and effectiveness in a more demanding higher education context. This study has been published under the USTREAM (Universities for Strategic, Efficient and Autonomous Management) project in order to discuss the concept and practice of efficiency from a university perspective.

  • EUA Annual Report 2018

    03 Jun 2019 Report

    In 2018, EUA worked with members to influence debates on the next generation of EU funding programmes for research and innovation, as well as for Erasmus+.

  • The comparative, cross-country study reviews the links between integration and higher education policies. It documents the conditions and circumstances for access, retention and completion of higher education for migrants from third countries, including those with a refugee status.

  • EUA and Science Europe have issued a joint statement on the need for research funders and research performing organisations as well as universities to combine their efforts to develop and implement more accurate, transparent and responsible approaches to scholarly research assessment.

  • 2019 Big Deals Survey Report

    13 May 2019 Report Open Science

    The Second EUA Big Deals Survey Report is an updated mapping of major scholarly publishing contracts in Europe.

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