U-Multirank launches its second analysis of gender balance in higher education institutions

29 September 2022

This past September, U-Multirank launched the second edition of its analysis on gender balance in higher education.

While gender inequality has been a major dimension of inequality in higher education, data from the latest U-Multirank edition confirm that still today there are strong gender imbalances among males and females in academic careers. While women in total count for more than half of bachelor’s (BA) and master’s (MA) students, their share is smaller among PhD students (48%), academic staff (45%) and professors (29%). The new edition analyses gender ratio among rectors/vice-presidents for the first time: Only one out of five leaders of higher education institutions are female. According to U-Multirank data this pattern is very much the same among EU and non-EU institutions.

Read the full Press release.

Download the analysis (PDF).

Find out more on the website of U-Multirank.

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