06 September 2010 | Report

Africa-Europe higher education cooperation for development: meeting regional and global challenges

"Access to Success" project White Paper

The white paper resulting from the project "Access to Success: Fostering Trust and Exchange between Europe and Africa" comes at a particularly critical moment in various regards: first, it arrives at a time when universities are increasingly prioritising global partnership as a strategic response to the demands that societies and economies are placing on them; secondly, it examines the evolving and increasingly important overlap between the ‘internationalisation’ agenda of universities, and their role as actors in development cooperation; thirdly, it comes at a time of reflection on the next steps with the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, a relatively new political framework with great potential.

Moreover, while African and European universities have had academic partnerships for several decades, the project’s focus on a holistic institutional development perspective makes it both unique and timely given the role universities are currently asked to play in responding to the broad challenges identified.

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