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EUA is a recognised stakeholder in the development of the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation. The Association participated in all major European-level dialogues as the Horizon 2020 programme took shape and is currently doing the same as the European institutions design its successor programme, Horizon Europe.

EUA has dedicated its attention widely to this very important topic, gathering feedback from university members across the continent, providing input to policy makers and campaigning for the recognition of its vision and recommendations. These include providing long-term policies and funding instruments for research, improving the rules of participation for universities, reinforcing collaboration and minimising discrepancies across the EU, as well as effectively aligning policies for education, research and innovation.

EUA has provided detailed input on how to best design the programme structure and the rules for participation for Horizon Europe and has called for a doubling of the current budget to €160 billion. This would strengthen Europe’s knowledge base, support its innovation ecosystems, address the challenge of underfunding, as well as provide adequate financial resources for the EU’s ambitious goals for the programme.

The Association is currently partnering with policy makers in the co-creation of the final blueprint for Horizon Europe. EUA has issued a detailed response to the European Commission’s proposal and it has joined more than a dozen other university associations in issuing a common statement that outlines the most crucial elements that need to be addressed in the negotiating process. 

EUA’s work in this area is highly-informed by the findings of its member consultation for the mid-term review of Horizon 2020 and the resulting vision paper, its campaign for “EU funding for universities”, its ongoing work on Open ScienceSmart Specialisation, in the area of energy and environment, and contributions by the EUA Research Policy Working Group. EUA conducts this work along side its efforts to provide policy makers with input on the design for the future Erasmus+ programme.


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    European Research Area: How to mobilise research-based knowledge for a better and more...

    Universities are key players in Europe’s research and innovation landscape. EUA, therefore, welcomes the revival of the European Research Area (ERA), where research-based knowledge is mobilised for a better and more sustainable future. In this EUA position, the Association offers a detailed list of recommendations for the ERA.

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    Where the EU should invest in the future - EUA recommendations for the post-2020 Multiannual...

    Addressing Europe’s key challenges and ensuring sustainable development requires the EU to have a well-functioning budget and to revisit its investment priorities. Cooperation in research and education is a key facilitator in achieving these goals and should therefore be a top investment priority for the Union in the future. The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP), the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and Erasmus+ (E+) are important tools in channelling such investment, make it available to beneficiaries and provide a framework for cooperation.

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