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Investing in research and innovation is investing in a sustainable and inclusive future. The EU’s aspirations to foster resilience, accelerate the green and digital transitions, as well as strengthen the European Research Area through research and innovation, have never been higher. The design and implementation of the EU research and innovation programmes are crucial to deliver on those ambitions.

EUA is a recognised stakeholder in the development of the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation. The Association dedicates its attention widely to these strategic programmes, gathering feedback from university members across the continent, providing input to policy makers and campaigning for the recognition of its vision and recommendations.

Currently, EUA is monitoring the implementation of Horizon Europe, and in particular the work of the European Research Council, the European Innovation Council, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as well as the implementation of missions and partnerships. It is also monitoring the programme in relation to impactful simplification, the concrete implementation of synergies across EU funding programmes as well as alignment among funding organisations at EU and national level.

Within its campaign, EUA participated in all major European-level dialogues as the Horizon Europe programme took shape. The Association provided detailed input on how to best design the programme structure and the rules for participation. Its recommendations paved the way for an excellent, open and inclusive Horizon Europe. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, EUA called for adequate funding for the programme as this will strengthen the strategic resilience of Europe, reinforce its knowledge base, support innovation ecosystems, and address the challenge of underfunding. The Association also successfully campaigned for an acceptable internal balance within the Horizon Europe programme, preserving the importance of funding to fundamental research.

EUA’s work in this area is highly informed by the findings of its member consultation for the mid-term review of Horizon 2020 and the resulting vision paper, its campaign for “EU funding for universities”, its contribution to the renewal of the European Research Area, its ongoing work on Open ScienceInnovation Ecosystems, Energy and Environment, and contributions by the EUA Research Policy Working Group.


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