21 May 2015 | Position

EUA Antwerp Declaration

A strategic agenda for universities: Developing strong institutions to advance the knowledge-based society

European Universities met in Antwerp on 16-17 April 2015 to discuss the role of European universities in research and innovation around three main axes: "People, Policies and Partnerships". Discussion focused on ways in which European universities can enhance their research and innovation capacity and maximise its benefit to society at a crucial time for Europe and its competiveness. Other parts of the world are investing heavily in research and development, the number of patents and publications in Europe is decreasing compared to other regions in the world, and the divide amongst European countries in relation to their R&D-to-GDP targets is widening.

For Europe to remain competitive in innovation and future economic performance, more and sustained investment in research is needed now. In addition, universities need to continue to adapt more swiftly to the ever-changing circumstances and get more involved in supporting governments and society in tackling our many societal challenges.

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