15 February 2019 | Learning & Teaching Forum paper

A cultural shift in programme design? A case study at the institutional level from the UK

Wyn Morgan and Brendan Stone (University of Sheffield)

In the summer of 2017, the University of Sheffield embarked on a major reform of its approach to learning and teaching by instigating the Programme Level Approach (PLA) project.

The PLA aims to situate the student at the heart of the process of programme design, delivery and assessment, with an emphasis on student outcomes, and team-working amongst departmental academic staff, and has significant implications for student assessment diets and staff workload. It is not intended to be a one off tick-box exercise but rather aims to initiate a sustained shift in learning and teaching institutional culture. Although PLA is still at an early stage of implementation, it has already begun to generate fresh and exciting discussions around what constitutes a programme, how best to assess student learning and also to create different modes of engaging students in their learning.

ISSN 2593-9602

This paper was presented at the 2019 European Learning & Teaching Forum and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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