22 November 2012 | EQAF Paper

International Accreditation — Effects of National and Cultural Differences

Aras Viligaila Vėbra, Harald Scheuthle


The foundation of the ESG was a step towards a pan-European Quality Assurances market. Nevertheless, the majority of evaluation or accreditations still remain within the national frameworks. The current paper presents a case study of a truly international accreditation of Lithuanian study programs by a German quality assurance agency.

The case is presented from the points of view of the two partners and cultural differences discussed, as well as the differences in the higher education and quality assurance systems of the two countries, and how these affected the accreditation. The paper concludes with the specific impact of the international accreditation on the further development of the study programs.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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