21 November 2013 | EQAF Paper

Stakeholders participation in revolutionary development of the system of quality of education

Case study of WULS-SGGW in Poland

Mariusz Maciejczak, Bogdan Klepacki, Marek S. Szyndel


As every system also the System of Ensuring and Development of Quality of Education in WULS-SGGW is subject to constant development. The presented case study shows the changes of a system from effects oriented approach to process driven approach. Such a change bears the hallmarks of revolutionary changes and in this was has been recognized at the university. However this example rises up more general question that might be a case for more universities: taking in mind dynamic changes and needs for adjustments to them should the systems of quality of education be only evolutionary developed or there is a time for revolution, time for reengineering in order to keep them effective?



This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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