23 November 2017 | EQAF Paper

How to get ready for change?

Angeline Aubert-lotarski, Caty Duykaerts


This paper aims at describing why and how a QA agency decided to trigger a process of in-depth reflection and consultation on its external quality assurance (EQA) practices in order to better fit the quality purposes of its HE system. Convinced that some evolution was needed, AEQES set up a working group that first benchmarked some European systems and produced a preliminary report. It then surveyed the HE sector (online questionnaires). With the survey results in mind, it developed further possible methodological changes and asked key stakeholders (advisory and decision-making instances) and international experts to write down a feedback on five principles.

Then AEQES elaborated a comprehensive report to inform the Belgian lawmakers on the desirable changes of the legislation that defines the QA mechanisms. The authors will share the outcomes reached so far at the Forum session, and invite participants to discuss the process and exchange experience.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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