Bologna 2018: EUA publishes statement ahead of Ministerial Conference

18 May 2018

As the Bologna Process looks towards its third decade, EUA has published a statement focusing on how to further the Process’s achievements and enhance its ability to respond to a changing higher education landscape. The document comes as the Bologna Process prepares to hold its 2018 Ministerial Conference on 24-25 May 2018 in Paris.

The statement outlines the Bologna Process’s many successes, including its role in enabling participating countries and pan-European organisations to establish shared goals and coordinate consolidated reform processes across European higher education systems and institutions. It also looks to the future, calling for a more systematic implementation of reforms.

Moreover, it invites countries and higher education institutions to better address social inclusion and equity, as well as university values. The EUA statement also welcomes the Bologna Process’s commitment to putting a stronger emphasis on the transformation of learning and teaching, a topic that EUA has focused heavily on over the past year. It also invites a systematic consideration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals within the Process and encourages the Bologna Process to take up new issues of common interest to European higher education institutions.

Finally, the statement underlines the urgent need to explore new ways of working and invites the Process members and partners to ensure that there is sufficient capacity to reach its long-term goals. EUA supports the continuation of the Bologna Process up to 2020 and beyond, and invites members and partners to join forces to ensure its success.

An EUA delegation headed by President Rolf Tarrach will attend the Ministerial Conference. EUA has been a consultative member in the Bologna Process since it was conceived and participates in all its activities.

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