European Neighbourhood

Higher education and research play a key role in fostering cooperation between the European Union and its neighbours. Universities build bridges across political, cultural and economic borders through student and staff mobility, research collaborations, and through studying and teaching foreign cultures.

EUA believes that international collaboration enhances the quality of universities’ work. Capacity building within Europe and with neighbours will lead to a better and more inclusive research and higher education community. This helps increase understanding between cultures and thereby contributes to stability and progress.

More than 250,000 people cross borders between the European Economic Area and neighbouring countries annually. In addition, thousands of institutional partnerships stretch across the EU’s eastern border and across the Mediterranean.

EUA has a large membership far beyond the EU, including 122 institutions in EU neighbourhood and accession countries, as well as 32 institutions in Russia and Kazakhstan. These higher education institutions participate in EUA events and projects and contribute to the community of European universities. Importantly, the Bologna process gathers 48 higher education systems, and several of the countries defined as Neighbourhood countries in the EU context participate to the Bologna process, and are members of the European Higher Education Area. The Association works towards improving higher education in the whole region, using the advantage of its diversity with a common purpose. EUA supports the action of the network of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE), a pool of experts for the modernisation of higher education in EU Neighbourhood countries. EUA’s efforts in this area can also be seen in its global relations activities, its work on university autonomy and governance as well as its work on the Sustainable Development Goals.


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