The potential of digitally facilitated recognition procedures

EUA, in partnership with Crue, HRK and Nuffic, organised an online focus group on 29-30 November 2021. The event was organised in the context of the “Spotlight on recognition” project and was dedicated to key issues in the field of recognition of qualifications.

The focus group was open to staff of EUA member institutions, who are involved with designing, managing or implementing the recognition of qualifications. The event entitled “The potential of digitally facilitated recognition procedures” was an opportunity to exchange with peers on current developments and the future of recognition procedures. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the higher education sector to operate through almost exclusively virtual means, affecting also the way recognition applications were processed. During the first day of the focus group, participants were invited to discuss recent progress in the digitalisation of recognition procedures, such as digital Diploma Supplements and Learning Agreements as well as shared databases and share to what degree their own institution is ready to make a permanent move towards digitally facilitated recognition procedures.

The second day of the event was an opportunity to test a self-assessment methodology for institutional staff developed within the “Spotlight on recognition” project, which aimed to allow staff to evaluate to which degree the recognition procedures in place at their institution are in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and international good practice.

The focus group was preceded by another focus group taking place online on 19 October and entitled “Which differences are really substantial?”, and a Spanish national workshop also taking place online on 21 October. All events were free of charge. 

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