EUA sends open letter to European Parliament group chairs

21 March 2019

Ahead of the European elections in May, EUA is engaging in a discussion with groups in the European Parliament with a view to preparing the ground for future collaboration.

In an open letter to the leaders of the political groups in the Parliament, EUA President Rolf Tarrach invites them to join forces with the university sector in addressing common European challenges and share their views on a number of key questions for European higher education and research. In addition, several national university associations are starting similar exchanges with candidates in their countries and individual universities are invited to engage at the local level as well.

The 2019 European elections are important for universities and the millions of students enrolled in higher education across the continent. The new European Parliament and the next European Commission will have a major responsibility in shaping the Union during these challenging times. They will also decide on future policies and funding programmes that impact universities; it is therefore important to start forging relations at an early stage.

The dedicated EUA webpage gives and overview of university activities. If you wish to share your own initiative, please send an e-mail to Christel Vacelet.

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