European Commission report on European graduate tracking mechanism

01 March 2021

The European Commission has published the final report and recommendations of the expert group on Graduate Tracking, entitled “Towards a European graduate tracking mechanism", with a foreword of Commissioner of Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel.

The report highlights that the use and proper utilisation of data on graduate outcomes at national and European level in line with the needs of the different users should be further explored. The European Commission and Member States need to make formal political decisions on the issues of capacity building, the content, schedule and roll-out of a European Graduate Survey, EU-level data management and access issues, the governance model, and the funding of the EU-level graduate tracking.

EUA welcomes the continuation of the European graduate tracking approach and first steps in its expansion to additional countries. Resulting data will be useful to inform further research, policy making and policy collaboration. It is not to be used for assessing individual institutions, or any kind of ranking, and it does not replace institutional data collection approaches.

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