2020 edition of Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration

22 July 2020

The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration recognises and celebrates achievements that contribute to supporting and strengthening European integration. EUA is a partner of the 2020 edition.

The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration aims at honouring Jean Monnet’s memory and life achievements. It does so by rewarding talented individuals or groups having contributed to supporting or strengthening European Integration through a project they designed and implemented. The winning project receives a €1,500 grant.

The 2020 edition is organised under the patronage of the European Parliament and in partnership with pro-European partners. As for the previous editions, the call for applications will be open from 9 August to 9 October, and the results unveiled on 9 November —anniversary of Jean Monnet’s birth.

Given the limited size of the team and current sanitary restrictions, it is unlikely that this edition will feature a prize ceremony. However, organisers keep this option open and, in any case, will strive to organise such an event for future editions of the Prize.

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