Archives of the Conference of Rectors of European Universities (CRE) now open for consultation

18 June 2019

The archival documents of the Standing Conference of Rectors, Presidents and Vice Chancellors of the European Universities (Conférence des Recteurs européens) is now open for consultation at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence (HAEU).

The archives have been deposited in 2015 at the Historical Archives of the EU in Florence by the European University Association. The 452 files cover 50 years of activities of the CRE and are now accessible for consultation in the reading room of the Archives.

The files are related to the meetings of the CRE's governing bodies as well as to the numerous programmes and projects managed by the CRE or in which the CRE took part.

The archives consist mainly of paper files, although there are instances of photographs, as well as a few audio files and one video file. It also includes a series of documents emanating from the Liaison Committee of Rectors’ Conferences of Member States of the European Communities, which became in 1996 the Confederation of European Union Rectors’ Conference before it merged with the CRE.

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