Talking Science: The role of science and innovation in shaping the future of Europe, 13 April, Texel, Netherlands

19 March 2019

Science and innovation are crucial when it comes to shaping the future of Europe. Most importantly, research has a real impact on citizens’ lives.

In order to bring European science closer to citizens, the European Movement International, with the support of the European Parliament, would like invite researchers to present their scientific project or research on a subject of their choice to an audience of around 30-40 people. The presentation will take place in the context of DEMOCRACY ALIVE, the leading European democracy festival held in the run up to the 2019 European elections. This event will take place on Saturday, 13 April, at 16.30 on the main festival square. 

Similar to the popular format of 'Science Slams', each speaker will have 15-20 minutes to present their findings in the most concrete and accessible way, so that non-experts on this topic can follow. This ‘Science Slam’ will be rounded up with a discussion and Q&A on the role of science for Europe.

Travel costs and accommodation covered; A unique opportunity to share your research, ideas and vision; A diverse and open-minded audience.
In order to participate or to receive more information, you can get in touch with Vanessa at

For three days, in April 2019, citizens, activists, civil society organisations, decision-makers, businesses, trade unions, influencers, artist, journalists, authors and scientists will gather on the Dutch island of Texel to the first European festival of its kind celebrating European democracy, solidarity and unity. With 30 organisations and up to 5,000 festival-goers, the aim is to encourage discussions, debates and collaborations on different aspects of Europe and its future. More information is available on the event website.

For more initiatives by European universities in the framework of the upcoming European Parliament elections, please visit our European Elections page.

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