USTREAM concludes a series of peer learning events and releases its first recommendations on efficiency

26 April 2018

Credits:@ EUA

On 18 and 19 April 2018, the USTREAM partners concluded the series of three peer learning seminars with the final event centering upon efficiency, leadership and governance. This final seminar, which was co-organised by EUA and HUMANE (Heads of University Management and Administration Network Europe) and hosted by Vrije Universiteit Brussel, brought together 20 university leaders and senior policy makers from across Europe in a highly interactive working programme.

In a series of problem-based sessions, the participants explored how to design and navigate through the profound institutional transformation processes in the most effective manner, while aiming to achieve sustainable efficiency gains. Special attention was paid to discussing the incentives that push universities to change so as to become more , and to reviewing specific approaches which would enable them to implement, reproduce and sustain such changes in the longer term.

The conclusions and recommendations from the USTREAM peer learning seminars as well as the other project activities will enrich the debate on efficiency in the university context at EUA’s 4th Funding Forum. This year’s Forum, to be convened in Barcelona on 18-19 October, will explore “Frameworks that empower, universities that deliver” and dedicate sessions to exploring practices in fostering efficiency in organisational, academic and operational contexts.

The first set of recommendations on efficiency for university practitioners and policy makers has been put forward in EUA’s newly launched "Efficiency, effectiveness and value for money. Insights from the UK and other countries”. This report presents preliminary findings of the USTREAM project and on policy frameworks for efficiency and effectiveness in higher education that were held at the first USTREAM peer learning seminar co-organised by EUA and Universities UK last year.

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