Study Visits Programme for Ukrainian students and doctoral candidates at the University of Warsaw

20 April 2022

EUA member University of Warsaw launched a new initiative called The Study Visits Programme for Ukrainian Students and Doctoral Candidates at the University of Warsaw. It aims to help students and doctoral candidates from Ukrainian universities to conduct research at the institution.

The Programme is dedicated to citizens of Ukraine or Poland, who crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after 24th February, and were either students, or doctoral candidates, at a Ukrainian university in 2021/2022. The study visits will last from three to six months. Applicants must submit their research plan to be approved by the hosting department at the UW. All areas of studies are available. The hosting department should appoint an academic supervisor. The Programme will be financed by the Excellence Initiative – Research University.

The Programme participants will have the status of guest students/ doctoral researchers. They will be exempted from the tuition fee. Additionally, they can apply for the UW accommodation in the students residence halls. They can also take part in classes, Polish language courses, and receive ECTS credits.

The students and doctoral candidates under the Programme will be authorised to obtain the UW student/ doctoral candidate identity card. The document will allow them to access the UW Library catalogues, as well as provide with tokens to register for classes and courses at the UW.

Find out more about the programme and the recruitment process on the website of the University of Warsaw.

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