Research institutions in Pisa and the European Union’s Joint Research Centre sign a collaboration agreement

22 April 2020

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Pisa Research Ecosystem signed a collaboration framework agreement on 8 April.

Thanks to this agreement, the institutions from Pisa taking part will be able to collaborate effectively and at length with the JRC, contributing to the understanding and solution of problems in the following common research areas:

  • Nutraceutical research and evaluation, food processing technologies and biotechnologies, Biomedical imaging, and environmental medicine.
  • Ionic liquids in biomass transformation or waste processing, raw materials for batteries and the use of raw materials for the optimisation of biomedical application.
  • Wearables and Artificial Intelligence for emotion and stress related diseases, Deep and Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Big Data, Industry 4.0 applications.
  • Land use and climate change, marine biodiversity and ecosystem services, invasive species, secure, clean, and efficient energy, permafrost, and climate in high mountain environment.
  • Nuclear energy applications, with reference to Medical Applications of Nuclear Technology, Environmental Monitoring, Artificial intelligence, and robotics applied to nuclear energy.
  • Earth and atmosphere observation, Natural and man-made hazards, Disaster risk management, Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.
  • Gravitational Wave detector technology applications, low-noise optical sensors and electronics, adaptive optics, seismic and environmental monitoring.
  • Circular economy: food waste accounting and valorisation.
  • Climate, Air Pollution, Meteorology and Terrestrial Ecology.

The framework agreement will last for five years and may be renewed. EUA member University of Pisa will be the contact point for the collaboration agreement with the role of facilitating communication between the JRC and all the other research bodies party to the agreement.

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