SOS International launches the world’s biggest survey on students’ opinions on sustainability

01 April 2020

SOS International launched the world’s biggest survey on students’ opinions on sustainability, open from 1 to 31 May 2020 to anyone currently enrolled in a higher education institution. The survey is available in Arabic, Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

The initiative comes after the survey launched by NUS-UK, where more than 50,000 students studying in the UK could give their opinions on their attitudes towards, and expectations for sustainable development during their time in education. In 2018, the survey became international, with over 3000 responses from students all around the world. It was found that students around the world agreed with students in the UK, with 81% saying that sustainable development is something they want to learn more about.  

Respondents will have access to:

  • Summary data for all respondents across the world.
  • Summary and raw anonymised data for all respondents in each country/region.
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