About EUA Solutions

EUA Solutions complements EUA’s other membership services in providing on-demand, tailored and flexible services to those seeking support for change processes and policy development.

The services offered under EUA Solutions range from audits, consultancy and specialised expert advice for higher education institutions and national rectors’ conferences, to the thematic analyses and strategic studies for decision-makers, national authorities and other organisations working in the field of higher education.

  • Evaluation of doctoral education

    EUA Solutions, in collaboration with EUA-Council on Doctoral Education, offers evaluations of doctoral education and research training to support their further development, following European good practice and recommendations for doctoral education, such as Salzburg II principles.

  • Internationalisation strategies

    The consolidation of the European Higher Education Area and the acceleration of the global race for talent have given momentum to the need for European universities to focus on positioning their education and research offer internationally. EUA Solutions helps you in coping with the challenges associated with internationalisation.

  • Bologna implementation

    Throughout the last two decades, EUA has played an active role in the Bologna Process. While the reforms are relatively well-known by now and the European Higher Education Area has been established, challenges still remain. EUA Solutions offers support for higher education institutions, decision-makers and national authorities in dealing with ongoing developments and implementation of the reforms.

  • Internal quality assurance

    As one of the co-authors of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, EUA holds extensive experience in the field of quality assurance. We can therefore offer you up-to-date, tailored services to develop your institutional quality assurance system in line with European best practice.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong learning is becoming an imperative due to globalisation and fast-paced economic and technological transformation, as well as due to demographic changes and the resulting longer and more diverse career paths. EUA led the way on this topic by launching the European Universities’ Charter on Lifelong Learning in 2008. With extensive knowledge from the field, EUA Solutions offers expertise in addressing the specific challenges associated with lifelong learning at your university.

  • Governance and funding

    Financial sustainability, appropriate governance structures, autonomy, and strong leadership are key elements needed for universities to fulfil their multiple missions and respond to current challenges in an increasingly complex and global environment. We can provide expertise to universities and decision-makers on all of these topics to support the sector.

  • Other issues

    Drawing on EUA’s extensive experience, we are ready to offer support in a range of other issues related to higher education and organisational development.


The methodology of our work is adapted as required to fit the specificities of the assignment, leading to individual or collective solutions for institutional or systemic change. Click here to see the variety of organisations that have engaged the support of EUA Solutions, demonstrating our capacity to adjust to different objectives, structures and contexts.

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