Empowering universities to fulfil their responsibility for Quality Assurance (2012-2015)

In the autumn of 2012, EUA launched a new project in the Western Balkans entitled ‘Empowering Universities to fulfil their responsibility for Quality Assurance’ (EUREQA).

EUA has a long record in working on Quality Assurance in Europe and it has worked with its members in developing their internal Quality Assurance systems through a variety of activities. While many of these activities have been co-funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), the participation in such activities has been limited to universities from the LLP-eligible countries. Consequently, universities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo** have not yet been able to take full advantage of these activities. Considering this background, the project aims to share with the universities from these countries the considerable experience and knowledge of EUA and the universities in the EU member states in developing efficient internal Quality Assurance systems adapted to different national and institutional contexts.

For further information on the EUREQA project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More details about the project can also be found on the EUREQA website:

tempusEUREQA is co-funded by the European Commission under the Tempus Programme (2012).

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