• The European University Association welcomes the adoption by the Council of the European Union of the Conclusions on research assessment and implementation of Open Science.

  • The EUA Open Science Agenda 2025

    03 Feb 2022 Position Open Science

    The EUA Open Science Agenda 2025 defines the Association’s priorities in this field and describes the current context, challenges and developments envisaged for the coming years. In addition, it outlines the actions EUA will take to drive this agenda forward.

  • Europe’s Universities Shaping the Future

    25 Jun 2020 Position Bologna Process, Global Relations, Learning & Teaching, Open Science, Universities & Values, Universities of the future

    EUA Strategic Plan

    The need for strong universities has never been greater in addressing societal challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, resource scarcity, ageing populations, migration and managing artificial intelligence are among the many examples of areas where universities have a major impact.

  • EUA and Science Europe have issued a joint statement on the need for research funders and research performing organisations as well as universities to combine their efforts to develop and implement more accurate, transparent and responsible approaches to scholarly research assessment.

  • The European University Association (EUA) would like to draw attention to the impact the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market will have on European higher education and research.

  • EUA has presented a comprehensive response to the “Plan S” consultation launched by Science Europe. Plan S is aninitiative for Open Access publishing launched in 2018 by an international group of research funders (Coalition S).

  • On 4 September 2018, eleven national research funding organisations in Europe jointly published the so-called “Plan S”. Its aim is to accelerate the transition towards Open Access to research publications.

  • EUA has published a Roadmap on Research Assessment in the Transition to Open Science. The main objective is to raise awareness and support the EUA membership with the development of research assessment approaches that focus on research quality, potential and future impact, and that take into account Open Science practices.

  • In parallel with the efforts to persuade researchers to practice Open Science, and the need to develop new research assessment methodologies that fairly assess the scientific quality of the research outcomes independently of indirect metrics such as the journal impact factor, there is a recognition of the need to change the current publishing system, making it more transparent, cost-effective, innovative and closer to the interests of the research community and research institutions.

  • Towards Open Access to Research Data

    24 Oct 2017 Position Open Science

    This document presents a set of aims and recommendations for university leaders and National Rectors’ Conferences to assist them in facilitating effective research data management (RDM) and text and data mining (TDM) in a manner wholly complementary with the EUA recommendations on open access to research publications. While the latter is at a more developed stage of implementation across Europe, RDM and TDM are still in an early state of realisation. Levels of awareness among researchers in RDM and TDM are lower generally, and institutional and national policies are few (cf. EUA Survey on Open Access 2016/17). Accordingly, the aims and recommendations contained here are designed to support universities and National Rectors’ Conferences in pump-priming the application of RDM and TDM practices as a means to further enhance open access to research data arising from publicly funded research.

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