• Europe’s Universities Shaping the Future

    25 Jun 2020 Position Bologna Process, Global Relations, Learning & Teaching, Open Science, Universities & Values, Universities of the future

    EUA Strategic Plan

    The need for strong universities has never been greater in addressing societal challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, resource scarcity, ageing populations, migration and managing artificial intelligence are among the many examples of areas where universities have a major impact.

  • Research, innovation and education hold the key to Europe’s long-term recovery and resilience

    18 Jun 2020 Position Erasmus+, EU Research & Innovation Programmes, Funding, Global Relations, Covid-19 & universities

    The European Commission’s new proposal for the next seven-year budget of the European Union together with the Next Generation EU recovery plan falls short of much needed investment in research, innovation and education.

  • The future of the European Universities Initiative

    27 Apr 2020 Position Funding, Global Relations, European Education Area

    The European Universities Initiative has been at the centre of many discussions in European higher education and research for the past couple of years. Universities across the continent enthusiastically embraced the pilot phase launched by the European Commission in 2018 and the initiative is developing against a highly dynamic policy backdrop.

  • EUA Statement on TTIP and TiSA

    30 Jan 2015 Position Global Relations

    The statement warns that TTIP and TiSA cast into doubt the ability of national and regional authorities to determine the nature of their Higher Education provisions and calls on the EU to make no commitments in the fields of higher and adult education.

  • The Association of African Universities (AAU), representing over 200 university members throughout Africa, and the European University Association (EUA), representing over 800 universities and university organisations in 46 European countries, have embarked upon structured dialogue and cooperation on pressing issues regarding higher education and development in both regions.

  • Banff Principles on Graduate Education

    31 Aug 2007 Position Global Relations

    At the first-ever global meeting on graduate education, "The Strategic Leaders Global Summit on Graduate Education" held in Banff, Canada on August 31, 2007, higher education leaders from North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim agreed to a Statement of Principles.

  • An International Agenda for EUA

    30 Jun 2006 Position Global Relations

    EUA´s role in promoting the external dimension of the Bologna Process, and whether and to what extent the association should enhance its international activities, have been addressed briefly in the Action Plan 2006/7 and set out in more detail in a paper prepared by Pierre de Maret and discussed by the Board in January 2006. The importance of the international dimension of EUA’s work is also addressed in the vision and strategy document adopted by the General Assembly in Hamburg (March 2006).

  • EUA/CUIB Asturias Declaration

    11 Apr 2006 Position Global Relations

    On 10-11 April 2006, the Consejo Universitario Iberoamericano (CUIB) and the European University Association (EUA) gathered in Oviedo (Spain), at a meeting hosted jointly by the University of Oviedo and the Prince of Asturias Foundation to establish priorities for higher education and research cooperation in the years to come and to prepare a joint declaration as input to the EU-LAC summit meeting that will take place in Vienna on 11/12 May 2006.

  • The Western Balkans countries have great potential in spite of the scale of the challenges still facing universities. Despite the problems, governments, higher education institutions and students share the common objective of creating a European Higher Education and Research Area, and of supporting the fundamental premises of the Lisbon Strategy that knowledge societies and economies can only be realised through strong and socially responsive higher education institutions. While these goals are shared throughout Europe, they are particularly pertinent for the Western Balkan countries. Growth and the creation of jobs is of the utmost urgency and action is required now if this is to be achieved.

  • The Universities of Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean, grouped together in the framework of the Iberoamerican University Council and the European University Association, express their satisfaction for the holding of the forthcoming III EU-LAC Summit Heads of State and Government in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on 28 May 2004, which reflects the evident determination to make progress in the consolidation of a strong relationship between the member countries.

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