• Research, innovation and education hold the key to Europe’s long-term recovery and resilience

    18 Jun 2020 Position Erasmus+, EU Research & Innovation Programmes, Funding, Global Relations, Covid-19 and universities

    The European Commission’s new proposal for the next seven-year budget of the European Union together with the Next Generation EU recovery plan falls short of much needed investment in research, innovation and education.

  • Universities are key players in Europe’s research and innovation landscape. EUA, therefore, welcomes the revival of the European Research Area (ERA), where research-based knowledge is mobilised for a better and more sustainable future. In this EUA position, the Association offers a detailed list of recommendations for the ERA.

  • Addressing Europe’s key challenges and ensuring sustainable development requires the EU to have a well-functioning budget and to revisit its investment priorities. Cooperation in research and education is a key facilitator in achieving these goals and should therefore be a top investment priority for the Union in the future. The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP), the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and Erasmus+ (E+) are important tools in channelling such investment, make it available to beneficiaries and provide a framework for cooperation.

  • Taking simplification of EU Funding to the next level - The university perspective

    27 Feb 2018 Position EU Research & Innovation Programmes, Funding

    As the European Union prepares the next generation of EU funding programmes for the post-2020 period, budget discussions are increasingly geared towards performance, European added value, trust and efficiency.

  • Ambitious funding for excellent research in Europe post-2020

    04 May 2017 Position EU Research & Innovation Programmes

    This position paper reiterates the strategic importance of fostering a united and prosperous knowledge-based society in Europe, which needs to remain a high priority despite the uncertain political and economic context.

  • EUA vision for the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)

    03 Nov 2016 Position EU Research & Innovation Programmes

    Adopted by the EUA Council on 28 October 2016, this vision paper provides an early perspective on the main challenges ahead and outlines key areas, from the point of view of Europe’s universities, to be considered by the European Commission when planning the Ninth EU Framework Programme (FP9). EUA’s position reflects the significant contribution made by European universities in promoting excellence in research and education and their role in advancing societal, cultural and economic development.

  • EUA Statement on the Research Role of Europe's Universities

    27 Apr 2004 Position EU Research & Innovation Programmes

    Universities are aware of the need to overcome their fragmentation and to develop institutional strategies underpinning their action. EUA has formulated a set of principles on which strategies and policies should be built. These reflect the unique research role of universities as institutions without which there would be no research and no researchers, and seek to identify a “European way” of fostering and utilising high quality research.

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