Universities’ key role overlooked in European Green Deal [Op-ed]

The culture of interdisciplinarity and co-creation is one of the strongest assets of research and innovation in the quest for sustainability. As honest brokers and exponents of this approach, universities can make the Green Deal more inclusive, but only if their place in the policy framework is clearly defined, writes Sergiu-Matei Lucaci for University World News.

This opinion piece argues that the university sector needs to take concerted action to address how it is often overlooked by policy makers on this topic. This opens up a multi-faceted agenda for EUA as its Green Deal task-and-finish group begins its work to develop a Green Deal roadmap for universities.

The article further outlines how universities can make a significant difference if they are brought back into the framework of the Green Deal. And while policy interventions are needed to improve the framework itself, the university sector’s strategic reflection on how to boost its own visibility and performance is also critical.

The full article is available on University World News: Universities’ key role overlooked in European Green Deal.

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Sergiu-Matei Lucaci

Sergiu-Matei Lucaci is Policy and Project Officer, Research & Innovation, at the European University Association.


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