Enhancing education, research and societal engagement through quality assurance

The 2024 European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) will be hosted from 14 to 16 November 2024 by University of Twente, Netherlands.

The Forum, entitled “Enhancing education, research and societal engagement through quality assurance”, will combine sessions about policies and trends, research, and practical case examples related to the Forum theme and more generally about current developments in quality assurance.

Connecting quality assurance efforts across teaching, research, and the third mission is crucial for universities to achieve their strategic objectives. This integrated approach can foster a well-rounded and impactful educational experience for students while advancing research and contributing meaningfully to society. However, addressing the interconnectedness of the three missions is becoming more challenging both for internal and external QA systems due to the wide variety of new developments and trends in higher education. These range from the need to base learning and teaching on research, to technological advancements including artificial intelligence, and the rise of projects envisaging the cooperation of different actors including non-academic stakeholders.

EQAF 2024 will explore new policies, innovative methodologies and tools that can ensure a holistic approach to quality and quality assurance. It will also invite the audience to reflect on how quality assurance can meet needs and challenges arising at the interconnection of the three missions. In addition to researchers, practitioners and policy makers in quality assurance, this year’s event will be of special interest to professionals responsible for quality of research and outreach functions at universities, and to staff with project management functions.

This year’s Forum will take place on-site and will provide participants with opportunities for discussion, debates and networking, also outside the formal programme. The sessions will facilitate audience interaction to allow participants to gain the most from the event.

For updates, please follow @EQAF and #EQAF on Twitter and/or join the LinkedIn group “European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF)”.




The call for contributions for the 2024 European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) is now open. The call seeks proposals for papers, workshops and practice presentations. The deadline to submit proposals is 23 June 2024.

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