EUA webinar series: A new world? Universities in changing international relations

During the autumn of 2021, EUA organised a series of webinars that looked at how geopolitics is changing and what this means for universities. The webinars served to inform participants about European-level policy discussions as well as provided an opportunity to discuss these issues in an online format.

9 December - 14.00 CET

International partnerships between universities are necessary to develop quality throughout the university missions. However, establishing partnerships has become increasingly complex: access and control of key technologies have gained geopolitical importance, as have concerns about foreign interference and cybersecurity. This has led to discussions about risk assessment in European countries, as well as in the European Commission. This EUA webinar seeked to present aspects of risk assessment and explored how it can be used as a tool for continuing open global cooperation between universities and their partners in a new international setting.

A recording of the webinar is available on our EUA Youtube Channel.


  • Slaven Misljencevic, Policy Officer R&I Actors and Research Careers - DG Research & Innovation, European Commission
  • Albin Gaunt, Strategic Internationalisation Specialist, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
Moderated by Thomas Jørgensen, Senior Policy Coordinator at European University Association


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