Leadership in times of crisis

The 2020 EUA Leadership Roundtable is an exclusive annual session that brings together executive heads of EUA member universities and national rectors’ conferences. This year it was held online and focused on leadership in times of crisis.

In recent months, universities around the globe have adapted their ways of operating, often very quickly, to sustain academic life. It has been a period of drastic, but also quick and efficient, responses to an unprecedented situation. With the current easing of lockdown measures in many countries, new challenges are arising as universities endeavour to restart those functions that cannot be delivered at home. Unanticipated opportunities to reform practices can be expected to emerge as well.

The 2020 EUA Leadership Roundtable provided an opportunity to take stock of these experiences. Participants discussed their responses to the lockdowns, their strategies for engaging staff and students and their plans for the next steps. 

As part of its efforts to help contain the spread of Covid-19, EUA replaced its 2020 Annual Conference with a series of webinars. This year’s Leadership Roundtable, which is usually organised in connection with the Conference, took place via Zoom.

For further information about this event, please contact events@eua.eu

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