Academic Career Development

Nowadays, doctoral candidates pursue different careers both inside and outside of academia. Many will become highly qualified knowledge workers for the public and private sectors, while others will pursue careers in academia as the supervisors and academic scholars of tomorrow. Institutions are confronted with the task of best preparing the doctoral candidates for whatever their next career step may be. 


The 2020 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop will focus on academic career development and the question of how universities can prepare doctoral candidates for academic careers and what challenges are involved. This includes topics like how to provide the best advice and training in areas like publication strategies and research assessment, teaching skills and how to support doctoral candidates in gaining international experience. The workshop will also serve as a forum to present results of the EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group on Career development and career tracking. Additionally, we will also discuss the career development postdocs, who have steadily increased in number in recent years, while the amount of secure permanent academic posts has not kept up.

This event will provide an occasion to discuss these issues and identify innovative solutions together with other EUA-CDE members. It may be of interest to anyone with responsibilities and interest in doctoral education (either at the institutional, faculty or disciplinary level) including academic leaders, doctoral education professionals and doctoral candidates.

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