14 November 2018 | EQAF Paper

Case study of coordinated students’ representation in quality assurance at Vilnius University

Ignas Gaižiūnas (Vilnius University Students’ Representation)

The paper describes and analyses a coordinated approach of students’ representation at Study Programme Committees (SPC) of Vilnius University (VU). This approach was developed by Vilnius University Students’ Representation (VU SA) with the aim to foster further discussion about empowerment of student representatives.

After introducing the specific context of VU, the paper focuses on the activities which were developed for all student representatives at SPC. Also, the structure of student representatives at SPC coordination is briefly introduced by indicating key actors and their duties.

These activities were developed in order to tackle problems related to inactive student representatives and performance of their duties. It can also be seen how these activities resulted in the cycle of representation at VU. Moreover, the paper explores challenges which VU SA is now facing in regard to students’ representation in order to improve meaningfulness and effectiveness of student representatives in their work with SPC. 

This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

ISSN: 1375-3797 

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