19 November 2015 | EQAF Paper

The future of quality assurance to and after Yerevan

Lucien Bollaert


One of the most successful actions of the Bologna Process is said to be QA. Yet, studies made clear that in quite some HEIs and Bologna countries internal QA was developed only after or because of external QA. Four axes can be drawn on which the tendencies of QA can be depicted: the scope of QA, the use of learning outcomes, the standards and last but not least the dimension of quality culture. EQAR’s RIQAA report adds the international dimension.

The Yerevan conference and adoption of the revised ESG and European Approach for QA on joint programmes have confirmed those tendencies. Yet, in Yerevan it has also become clear that the EHEA has not been fully or correctly implemented everywhere. Both ministers and researchers have concluded that the European and global context has changed. The question is whether we also need another QA? The paper formulates the future QA dimensions.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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