19 November 2015 | EQAF Paper

A new model for external review of quality in a diverse higher education area

 Orla Lynch


In 2013 QQI commissioned the ‘Review of Reviews’ to take stock of Irish legacy review models and make proposals for the features of a new QQI model. QQI has now published (June, 2015) a White Paper presenting a comprehensive model for reviews.

The key innovative features of the new model for review are: multiple objectives (including effectiveness, accountability and enhancement) and multiple dimensions (institution, system and thematic); differentiation between cyclical and ‘for cause’ reviews and initial and subsequent reviews; the close integration of continuous and periodic engagements for reviews; the use of data (metrics) as well as narrative sources of evidence; the development of a Quality Profile for institutions.
This paper outlines the features of the review model and the rationale for their development.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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