23 November 2017 | EQAF Paper

The ‘software of the mind’ behind employee involvement in quality and diversity in higher education

Dries Berings


183 employees of 10 higher education departments described their own attitude and role with respect to quality and diversity. The results reveal rather low levels of involvement. Comparison of organizational culture preference and beliefs about quality and diversity between four groups of employees (pioneers, enthusiasts, neutrals, sceptics) revealed that preference for an innovative and non-traditional organizational culture is related to involvement for the two policy areas. Preference for market orientation relates positively to involvement in quality and preference for sustainability relates positively to involvement in diversity. Three dimensions could be recognized in the beliefs about quality and diversity:

quality assurance, talent development and openness to diversity. Surprisingly, beliefs concerning openness to diversity related more strongly to quality involvement than beliefs concerning quality. More in line with the expectations, we found indications that involvement in diversity is embedded in openness to diversity and beliefs concerning talent development.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.


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