23 November 2017 | EQAF Paper

Principal in own learning – student-centred learning viewed through the eyes of an external quality assurance agency

Rikke Warming, Petra Frydensberg


Student Centred Learning (SCL) has been given a new and distinct role in the European understanding of education quality. Agencies and HEIs are in the process of discussing how the new ESG 1.3 will manifest itself in their local environments. ESG 1.3 is also making itself felt in Denmark, where we have a long tradition of active student participation. In spite of being well-placed to live up to ESG 1.3, SCL has yet to be explicitly addressed in our external quality assurance system.

In order to expand our knowledge of Danish HEIs’ understanding and practice of SCL and qualify our future evaluation of quality assurance of SCL, the Danish Accreditation Institution (AI) has just completed an extensive thematic analysis, Principal in own Learning – European and Danish Perspectives on Student Centred Learning.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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