25 March 2013 | EQAF Paper

How does Quality Assurance Make a Difference?

A selection of papers from the 7th European Quality Assurance Forum

Foreword and Acknowledgements by Norma Ryan

I. Making a difference: perspectives and lessons learnt

Is quality assurance leading to enhancement? by Jethro Newton
The future of accreditation in the US by Sylvia Manning
Does EQA really make a difference in Flanders higher education? by Daphne Carolus, Dieter Cortvriendt, Dries Froyen and Patrick Van den Bosch
Measuring the impact of external quality assurance — Or: Preparing external quality assurance for a greater impact on higher education by Josep Grifoll, Theodor Leiber, Christian Moldt, Julia Salado-Rasmussen, Martin Sørensen

II. How to make a difference: strategies and tools

Benchmarking — An appropriate tool for decision-making and improving or just another hype? by Hilde Sels and Nine Hooge
Quality enhancement through shared institutional responsibilities: A case study on how to use student and graduate tracking for strategic development and quality enhancement by Hanne Smidt and Kristina Josefson
Gathering student feedback: How can it make a difference? by Tina Harrison
Institutional integration of quality assurance & enhancement in an Irish university context by Sarah Ingle
Quality assessment of doctoral programmes as a supplement to the institutional evaluation — Polish model and experience by Maciej Markowski

III. Making a difference across borders

International accreditation — Effects of national and cultural differences by Aras Viligaila Vėbra and Harald Scheuthle
International cooperation in discipline-specific quality assurance: NCPA-AEC joint accreditation of Russian higher education programmes by Zhanna Kuzminykh and Linda Messas


This selection of papers was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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